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The Way of Tactics:
A Manifesto of Invincibility

Tom Sotis is this generation's most prolific instructor of knife fighting. Having taught over 1500 seminars in twenty-five countries, Tom has earned worldwide acclaim for his unique theories and coaching methods. The Way of Tactics is presented in three parts. 
“Life Lessons” is intended to entertain readers while offering valuable personal insights from the training and experiences of one of the world's most lethal men.
A “Manifesto of Invincibility”, presented through the prism of knife fighting, has useful applications for warriors, executives, and athletes. It presents a framework for achieving optimal human performance from within the roots of your deepest motivations which determine your strategies, guide your tactics, and dictate the course of your actions. This book presents the elements of invincibility and a formula for achieving it.
The “Applications” section presents Tom’s pioneering vision towards disrupting an industry, establishing a new classification of business, and raising it to professional standards, and goes on to explain how the Manifesto is a pragmatic tool for improved outcomes in business, sports, and life.

The Motivation Series

Each of these books serves as a brief introduction to the sixteen motives that drive all human behavior. Individually, we find happiness and contentment in many forms but collectively, we all do it to satisfy the same basic desires. They are short easy-to-read books that introduce readers to the sixteen motives through the lens of an activity that we enjoy and serve to form a basic framework upon which we can further explore how this plays out in the rest of our lives. "Where there's a Will, there's a Way, but first, there's a Why" - Tom Sotis

Take the next step to learning about yourself.

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