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For uniformed officers, plain-clothes detectives, and undercover officers.


Increased protective capability and more value for your clients.


Increased safety and capability for armed, unarmed, and plain clothes security guards.


Essential training for civilian home defense and concealed carry.

Get Training

Whether you prefer in-person or virtual instruction, desire a personal or group setting, and live locally or at a distance, Tom delivers ample training opportunities to suit your preferences.


Get involved


Tom has taught over 1500 seminars and has worked out the easiest way for hosts to have a successful event.


Become a Carry Safer Trainer and train others to be more effective in protecting themselves and others.

See what people are saying

“Tom and his time-tested, reality-based training are unlike anything I have ever experienced. You learn faster and more efficiently because of Tom’s experience and deep understanding of learning theory. In a world of self-proclaimed experts, Tom Sotis is a true Master of his craft.”

Chris Coyle, USCCA Instructor

“Tom Sotis – The gift that keeps on giving. Rarely can you find someone with this level of expertise and experience combined with a world-class ability to share it. Each time I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to learn from him, the teaching has continued long after the day is done.”

Isaac Philips, USCCA Insructor

“Recognized as the world’s leading edged weapons instructor, Tom can bring his vast knowledge and apply it to your firearms training.  As a student of Tom’s, I can tell you, that age or physical ability is not going to stop you (or him) from achieving the skills you are passionate about.”

Gary Garofalo, USCCA Instructor