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Motivational Profiling

Where there's a Will, there's a Way, but first, there's a Why.

Universal Motives

All human beings share the same basic 16 motives that drive every decision and action we make but each person prioritizes and emphasizes them uniquely, which shapes our personality and which drives our behavior.

Struggles with self-motivation come largely from not knowing how our 16 basic motives are arranged and how they subconsciously drive us to behave in ways that we don’t understand or can’t seem to control. The profound insight gained through MP increases your control over your inner drives, intensifies the motivations you want, and reduces your internal struggles with hard-to-control behaviors.

When you understand how your genetically inspired desires are arranged and how they drive your behavior, you make better choices that bring about better personal outcomes and improved relationships.

Your Unique Profile

Just as our DNA determines our unique physical characteristics, so does it also generate our unique individual personalities.

Not to be confused with personality tests that inadequately categorize how people behave, Reiss Motivation Profiling (MP) is a scientific approach that explains precisely why we behave as we do. MP interprets a scientific profile of your personality that is as unique as your fingerprints and reveals profound insights into your genetically driven motives that show precisely, as an individual, what makes you tick.

MP rejects the common notion that motivation is about psychological energy.  Motivation is not about “pep” or “drive.”  Motivation profilers show that motivation is generated by the assertion of one’s deepest-held values.



Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? What makes you a unique individual? There is no better way to “know thyself” than through the RMP which yields profound insight into every area of your life and guides you to make better choices resulting in improved outcomes. Motivation analysis will intensify your willpower, reduce your internal struggles, and make you far more effective at dealing with others. The cost for your profile is $125.


Whether you are an amateur or professional, athlete or fighter, everyone wants to improve their performance, and getting your profile is a major step towards that goal. Athletes and fighters each have 16 basic motives that exist simultaneously and how we prioritize and emphasize them is what makes us individuals. Knowing exactly how your 16 motives are arranged gives you a substantial edge in developing your potential. The cost for your profile is $125.


The Test and Consultation

When you select a profile you will receive a link for you to fill out the online multiple-choice questionnaire (which takes only about 15 minutes) that produces a one-page visual graphic of your profile and an extensive personal report. When you have taken the test, simply email Tom and let him know you have completed the test. He will retrieve it from the secure database and email it to you.

To get the very most from your profile, you can opt for an in-person or online consultation with Tom, a certified Reiss Motivation Profile® Master, and a professional high-performance sports coach. This option allows him to guide you in how to make the most of the information provided and for you to ask specific questions that may arise. The consultation typically takes 1.5 hours. The cost for your consultation is $125.

See what people are saying

Over my career, I have taken many Meyers-type evaluations. Interesting, but ultimately useless. Understanding the underlying motivations that guide your decisions is truly invaluable. It improves your empathy, i.e. polar opposites in people’s motivations helps your understanding of why someone acts or thinks in a way that seems so alien.

Joe Howard

Motivational profiling with Tom unlocked my hidden compass and charted my personal map to fulfillment. It revealed my unique motivators, exposed blind spots, and ignited a powerful self-awareness. A deeper understanding of my "why" drives better choices, stronger relationships, and a life finally in sync with my values.

Ole Bruch

"Before I learned about motivation profiling from Tom Sotis, I always wanted to know what made me and other people act in certain ways and react under certain circumstances. Tom’s teachings enable you to understand the reason why friends, teachers, and coaches treat you the way they do and the reasoning behind it."

Drew McGarry