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Based on FBI statistics that identify where violent crimes occur, we provide context-driven protocols that provide realistic solutions to avoid and escape from real-world attacks.


Avoidance strategies teach you to “Think Safe, Be Safe”, recognize potential danger, employ avoidance strategies, and manage dangerous confrontations.


Escaping tactics teach you how to use self-defense tools to escape from physical assaults. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to stop attackers, but different tools for different tasks.



We customize courses to meet the specific needs of your company’s personnel at all levels working in a variety of positions and environments.


We train private groups, sports teams, entertainers, and high-risk groups potentially targeted for their stance on politics, religion, civil rights, etc.


We train people and families with affluent lifestyles and high-risk profiles like public figures, celebrities, athletes, models, jewelers, influencers, etc.

Peace of mind

Truly Safer empowers people to live happier and freer lives with the confidence that comes from being truly safer.


We offer personal or group sessions, either in-person or virtually, and digital videos to suit your training preferences.


Get involved


For 30+ years, Tom has worked out the easiest way for hosts to have a successful event. Tom provides advertising, hands-on instruction, color certificates, and training tools.


Become a Coach in our high-quality licensing program that meets professional standards. No previous experience is required; Tom will train you every step of the way.

See what people are saying

"Think Safe, Be Safe is the ideal motto because it taught me to reject the at-risk mentality and adopt the readiness mentality."

Nicole Neilan

"Armed with Truly Safer, an attack is far less likely to happen, but if it ever does, now I know what to do and what to say."

Andrea Hayes

"I enjoy the empowerment that comes from the confidence I feel in knowing how to better manage confrontations."

Katelin Ruocchio