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Invincible Coaching

Performance Optimization for Coaches of Athletes and Fighters

For coaches of athletes and fighters who desire to take their coaching ability to the next level, Invincible presents a framework that implements the principles of Ecological Coaching and Decisional Training. Invincible teaches sports coaches and instructors of martial arts and combative methods the psychological and biological elements that integrate functional skills, break plateaus of development, and develop the highest levels of performance for your athletes and fighters. 

What is Ecological Dynamics?

Ecological dynamics coaching employs a Constraints-led approach to sports coaching and physical education that integrates ecological psychology and dynamical systems theory principles. It emphasizes the interaction between an athlete and their environment, viewing skill acquisition and performance as emergent properties of this relationship. This approach contrasts with traditional, linear methods of coaching that often focus on repetitive drills and isolated skill practice. 

What is Decisional Training?

Decision Training is a coaching methodology developed by Dr. Joan Vickers that focuses on improving athletes/fighters' decision-making skills in sports. It is based on the premise that the ability to make quick and accurate decisions under pressure is a critical component of athletic success. Decision Training integrates cognitive and perceptual skills into physical training to create a more holistic approach to athlete development. Decision training reinforces the importance of Pattern Recognition in Sports/Fighting.

What is Invincible Coaching?

Invincible presents a completed puzzle of all the separate elements of fighting. The underlying Principles of Authenticity, Context, and Deliberateness are the foundation upon which the activities of Opposition (fighting and sparring), Practice, and Training are explored in a cohesive progression creating a framework of how to approach them individually and collectively in a structure that is easy to learn and implement (presented in the graphic below).


Clarified and streamlined for you

Invincible has been formulated over the last 20 years into a blueprint of principles and activities that coaches can implement right away. Tom will coach you every step of the way! Don't wait, click the red button now!

See what people are saying

"Tom Sotis has formulated a unique and rock-solid, comprehensive training methodology - everything is meticulously explained for a cognitive understanding of principles, and then put into practice via the progression of drills. The end result - a true embodied knowledge and functional skill."

Dragan Milojevic

"The methodology presented by Tom Sotis has completely transformed my way of training and coaching. The heavy focus on context and intention with specifically formulated activities provides a rock-solid foundation upon which genuine reflexes are forged to function in even the most uncooperative environments."

Paul Tsiavlis

"As an instructor of several martial arts, I find that no method of skills development matches that of Invincible Coaching. In terms of rapidly integrating skills in spontaneous non-cooperative activities and avoiding the plateaus that plague other methods, Tom's method is superior to others."

Dean Franco